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Ethan Kopit
3 min readApr 23, 2019

When we founded Acenna, in the summer of 2017, one of our first decisions was to join the HubSpot for Startups program, which we had access to through our friends at Rough Draft Ventures. As we put together our blog and published our first pieces of content, I never thought that our team might someday join HubSpot.

From the beginning, Acenna’s mission has been to make buying better by helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Using AI, we help our users understand the health of their customer relationships and identify customers who may be falling through the cracks.

What began as a weekly email evolved into a web-application, tailored customer lists, and even a nascent analytics product for managers. Acenna is now used by 100+ users across dozens of accounts — and we’re immensely proud of those achievements.

However, as we added more users across more accounts, it became clear that the amazing product we envisioned required more data than was accessible to us. This left our team with a choice: either we could build our own platform or we could join an established company that would take our impact to the next level.

So, why is the team joining HubSpot?

Well, two big reasons.

(1) They offer the solution that we’ve seen, firsthand, so many businesses need. Acenna struggled to work with companies who had limited, unconnected, and unclean data. HubSpot is making it easier for businesses to have the data foundation they need to build stronger customer relationships at scale.

(2) They get it. Acenna and HubSpot are both about making buying better. We’ve used HubSpot for years and we can’t get enough of their commitment to the customer. We even built a connection from Acenna → HubSpot (despite the fact that most of our customers use Salesforce) so we could use our own product and continue using HubSpot because it offered so much functionality and value.

Here’s what Brad Coffey, HubSpot’s chief strategy officer, had to say about us joining the team: “From our first conversations with Ethan and the Acenna team, we knew they’d make a great addition to HubSpot. The Acenna team is passionate about making account managers successful and has developed a strong perspective in that space over the last few years. We’re excited to have them on board to accelerate the impact they’ll have on the industry.”

Our team is excited to join HubSpot and continue to help the small and medium sized businesses that we have come to love grow better.

Our journey has been long and action-packed, and we’re excited to move on to the next chapter. But, none of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our advisors, investors, and customers. We will always be grateful for the opportunities you afforded us. Thank you.

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Ethan Kopit

Product @HubSpot, formerly CEO, Co-Founder @AcennaData